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Natalie Sousa, BSc RD, CNSC

What We Do:

Natalie Sousa, founder of All Stages Nutrition, is a Registered Dietitian (RD) and Certified Nutrition Support Clinician (CNSC) who is an experienced clinical dietitian and pediatric dietitian.

All Stages Nutrition specializes in:

  • Preventative Health with emphasis on Anti-Inflammatory lifestyle
  • Chronic disease management including Gut Health disorders
  • Weight loss nutrition and meal planning to support healthy lifestyle
  • General pediatric nutrition (including growth and nutrition assessment)
  • Sport nutrition and healthy eating for your active child/teen

Words From Our Clients:

“She is very knowledge and seek information about different topics within her area of expertise. That shows commitment and love for what she does. She proposed mindful ways of achieving healthy eating and developing better habits overall.”

“I liked having a guidance in understanding how nutrition and a healthy mind are connected, as well as receiving alternatives to implement on my diet, without having to follow an actual diet. I really enjoyed her holistic approach to nutrition and saw improvements earlier than I expected.”

Monthly Feature

Dietary Emulsifiers and Our Health

What it is? Dietary emulsifiers are a food additive commonly used to alter flavour, or improve texture, shelf life and stability of foods. Common emulsifiers found in food include: sodium carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), Polysorbate 80 (P80), carrageenan, lecithin, mono-and di- glycerides, gum arabic. Without emulsifier’s food products like ice cream, salad dressings, yogurt would not exist! …

Soy What?

What it is? Soy is a legume/bean and is considered a complete protein! This means that soy contains all the amino acids needed to make protein in our bodies.  Soybeans are composed of 37% protein, 10% water, 34% carbohydrate and 18% oil. Soy beans also contain phenolic compounds (isoflavones) vitamins, and minerals including calcium, magnesium,…

Fibre: Beyond the Toilet

What it is? Did you know dietary fibre is not a single fibre, rather it consists of many components and types of fibres that provide different benefits. Fibre is known for its beneficial effects on our bowel movements, however goes beyond just that.When we eat foods that contain fibre, the fibre is not actually digested…

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